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My fundamental goal is to inspire and teach my audiences how to maximize their skills, talents, and achievement which will contribute to a them landing their dream job. I deliver a transformational career “experience”— not just a speech!

Professional Speaking Memberships: Inspiring Speakers BureauGreat Black Speakers Bureau, NASA Speakers Bureau, and Toastmasters International. These elite speaker organizations represent and train America’s top celebrities, entertainers, and business professionals.

As a member of such extraordinary and high performing groups, I take great pride in delivering high quality professional speaking services.


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In addition to the topics below, I can deliver keynote addresses and training sessions on Diversity & Inclusion and College Success.

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For students and young professionals:

1) Job Market & Career Development Focus: Job Hunt, Job Search, & Career Readiness

Job Search Success: How You Can Ease Your Job Search Pain & Find a Job After Graduation (highly requested topic)

Many students become frustrated and disappointed with their job search process because they don’t know the secrets to finding meaningful jobs. In addition, a lot of students don’t graduate with the right job market skills that employers are looking for. In this session Dr. Moss will reveal hidden job search tools, strategies, and best practices that will help students enhance their cover letters and resumes, interviewing and persuasion skills, and job market skills so they can become more attractive and employable in our country’s competitive job market! Students will also learn how they can effectively leverage social media during their job hunt.

Can be delivered as a keynote address or strategy workshop.

2) Job Market & Career Development Focus: Internships, Career Fast-Tracking, & Career Advancement

A College Degree Isn’t Enough: Intern CEO Style to Standout in Today’s Overcrowded Job Market! (highly requested topic)

It’s no secret that the job market is tough, demanding, and stifling! Jobs are few, but student loan debt is plenty. Yet many students have a sense of entitlement and they lack self-motivation when it comes to career planning. But your young professionals shouldn’t worry because as America’s leading authority on internship mastery, Dr. Moss wrote Learn to Intern CEO Style: 71 Leadership Principles that Got Me and Now You Money, A Free Graduate Degree, & Respect!

The best kept secret that pays off tremendously high value are internships. Dr. Moss will teach your young professionals how to attain the country’s most competitive internships, succeed at them, and convert the internship into a full-time job! No one else has the knowledge and expertise to deliver such invaluable content that will help interns and young professionals standout in today’s overcrowded job market! He’ll teach them the art and science of mastering internships through his 5-step “Intern CEO Style” process that will help young professionals advance their internship organization in only 2 months!

Can be delivered as a keynote address or strategy workshop.

3) Job Market & Career Development Focus: High Achievement, Leadership, & Career Advancement

The Secret to Attaining Extraordinary Success, Happiness, & Maximum Performance: The C.E.O Maximum Achievement System! (highly requested topic)

Do you find it to be very difficult to motivate and inspire your students or young professionals?! With this empowerment topic Dr. Moss will unveil his C.E.O. Maximum Achievement System…a 5-step process that leads to extraordinary high performance & incredible personal transformation! This results-oriented process will equip attendees with the ability to take control of their careers and lives by becoming self-driven high performers. C.E.O. stands for Creator of Excellent Opportunities and the C.E.O. Maximum Achievement System was developed from Dr. Moss’ personal and professional experiences, and success; as well as, from observations and studies of highly successful experts and professionals. The system is Priceless! It enables young professionals to accelerate their early career achievement by achieving amazing results through high performance!

Your return on investment will be enhanced and accelerated workforce motivation, organizational effectiveness, goal setting skills, and personal effectiveness—your student body/workforce will be immediately transformed!

Can be delivered as a keynote address or strategy workshop.

4) Job Market & Career Development Focus: Leadership, Influence, & Personal Effectiveness

Career Maximization: Secrets to Getting Recruiters to Notice and Hire You as a Leader (highly requested topic)

In today’s competitive work environment companies aren’t looking to hire “students” or “recent grads”—instead, they want to hire young transformational leaders! During this session Dr. Moss will equip your young leaders with the foundations of leadership that he cultivated from his experiences with developing a dynamic leadership program and being a young team leader at NASA. Attendees will leave this session ready to add value to their lives and places of employment as transformational leaders!

Can be delivered as a keynote address.

5) Job Market & Career Development Focus: Leadership, Decision Making, & Personal Effectiveness

How to Keep Yourself Motivated & Overcome Crazy Obstacles!

In todayʼs world young adults experience many daily challenges and forms of peer pressure. Oftentimes these challenges lead to personal failure and poor decision making; and Dr. Moss is no different! From consistently achieving low scores on standardized tests to being a poor writer, Dr. Moss encountered much opposition throughout his adolescence and young adult phases. But he triumphed over his personal failures, which now enables him to empower young professionals on how to cultivate confidence, internal motivation, and overcome crazy obstacles to achieve high levels of success, excellent decision-making skills, and amazing personal effectiveness! Attendees will leave this session equipped with empowerment tools that will help them beat the odds of failure!

Can be delivered as a keynote address.

For workforce supervisors and managers:

1) Empowerment Focus: Leadership, Management, & Employee Development

A Different Breed! How to Motivate Your Young Talent and Keep Them Happy in the Workplace!

They have a strong sense of entitlement. They’re impatient. They like to have their time off. They want instant gratification. BUT, they are talented! And just as young adults value system is cultivated during the first few years of their life, the Pygmalion theory indicates that employee’s careers are heavily shaped by their first few real world supervisors. So you as a manager and leader are responsible to grooming them for excellence!

Learn how to optimize your young talent and put them on a path to achieve extraordinary success during their career’s most formative years. Dr. Moss will share his extensive and rigorous Generation Y research study findings that he conducted with you while giving you effective strategies that you can immediately implement to transform your human capital.

Can be delivered as a keynote address.

If you have a different topic in mind and still want to book an appearance by Dr. Moss, indicate this in the appearance request form below.


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