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Inspiration: You have a dream too.

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Recently I had the honor and privilege to serve as the keynote speaker for Northern Michigan University’s Dr. Martin Luther King annual program.

When I was booked for this engagement by the college administrator I immediately became ecstatic. I was excited because this was going to be my opportunity to tell the audience all about Dr. King’s dream which ultimately transcended into his legacy.

However, after pondering on this notion for a bit, it dawned on me that I had to bring more to the table.

The “more” that I wanted to bring to the table was the notion that Dr. King had and dream…

And guess what?

You have a dream TOO!

So in this short piece I want to encourage you to:

    1. pursue YOUR dream,
    2. live YOUR dream,
    3. and most importantly BE YOUR dream!


Far too often we embrace dreams that celebrities have for themselves. Consequently, we become “star struck” while failing to realize that we can become a star too if we birth OUR dreams!

Below is a media clip of me speaking at Northern Michigan University. It will inspire you to BE YOUR dream because you have a dream too!

Comment or connect with me to let me know your thoughts!

Watch it here!

Yours in inspiration,

“Man of Inspiration”

3 Ways to Energize College Students for Career Planning & Job Search Success

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

January 9, 2013

After relaxing a lot and spending valuable time with family over the holidays, thousands of college students have just returned back to campus this week. While the refreshing break was needed, oftentimes it can be difficult for students to get back into the swing of things with their campus activities.

As you know, the job market is extremely difficult to penetrate. However, many students fail to realize the complexities within our country’s current economy and job market. To this end, it’s vital that students become re-engaged rather quickly with their career development plans, aspirations, and goals.

So the purpose of this blog is to offer you some simple, but often overlooked advice that will help you re-engage and motivate your students so they can stay on track with their internship and career goals. I have developed three tips that you can adopt as you advise your college students during their career planning and job search phases. These tips are simple, yet powerful and can lead to amazing results if they’re implemented effectively.

I’ve made it easy for you to remember. To energize your students for career planning and job search success all you have to do is remember the three C’s.

And here they are: Creativity, Care, and Champion!

3 Ways to Energize College Students for Career Planning & Job Search Success

1) Boost yourCreativity” – You have to focus hard on developing creative programs, content, campaigns, and outreach efforts to engage and develop your students. Think about it. This generation is totally different from your generation. This means you must change your mindset about career development. Some of the traditional career development tools are still great, but others have become outdated. To help with your creativity you must begin to think outside the box and take some risks. You may be afraid to try a new idea, but if it’s a low cost idea you should take the risk to see if it will become successful. My number one piece of advice on career development creativity is for you to take as many low cost risks as you can!  Also, you should strongly consider turning to industry experts to solicit more ideas that will boost your creativity.

2) Show students that youCare”This step is a really big one; and honestly, I think it’s the most important one. From delivering interactive keynote speeches and career coaching sessions with students on college campuses, too many of them have indicated to me that their career adviser treats them like they are “just another number.” You have probably personally been in this position before when you received poor customer service and were treated as if you were “just another number.”

Research indicates when you demonstrate to customers that you genuinely care about their needs, they are more satisfied and feel more invested with the services they are receiving. For example, if you schedule a 30-minute career advising session with a student and the session time expires, offer to extend the time with them. You can achieve this in a couple of different ways. You can simply continue your session on the spot or if that’s not possible, you can offer the student more time the following day. I know your time is valuable and you often have to stay on schedule, but it’s important that you fully meet your students’ needs. There are many other ways that you can connect with students and demonstrate that you care so feel free to explore other options too.

3) Find your student “Champion” – Finding a champion is something that is often overlooked or ineffectively done by career services departments. One type of champion that can pay huge dividends for your career development campaigns and initiatives is a student champion. Ideally your student champion should be an above average student who has been successful with their career goals and endeavors. You want them to be your cheerleader. This invigorating advocacy can be a form of peer pressure—positive peer pressure that is. When students see other students succeeding with career development activities, they will want to jump on the bandwagon. Be sure to offer some incentives for your student champions so they will stay motivated for spreading the word about your career services, programs, and initiatives.


To energize your students for career planning and job search success you must: “Boost your creativity, show students that you care, and find your student champion!”

Since the career services industry is an interactive field, feel free to comment and offer your remarks about this blog. I also highly encourage you to share best practices that have worked for you or your colleagues!

How to Turn Your Stress Into SUCCESS!

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


I just finished reading an article about stress that was published by  I learned that a total of 2,020 adults visit page medicine20 18 and older completed online surveys that gauged their stress levels. This study was conducted for the American Psychological Association to determine America’s stress level.

One of the most shocking findings to me was that adults between the ages of 18-33 reported the most stress than any other generation. This “Gen Y” (or “Millennial”) generation reported that work is the number one cause of such high levels of stress.

So I began thinking and asked myself, what could possibly be so bad about work that triggers so much stress?!

Then I immediately thought about several possible reasons.

1) Unemployment, 2) Under-employment and, 3) Drama at work!

But those are just my quick thoughts and I definitely have some personal advice and tips that I can share to help you turn your stress into SUCCESS!

However, with this blog I want to try something a little different. Instead of me sharing my personal tips on how you can turn your stress into SUCCESS, I want you to listen to a radio show that I recently hosted for the tips.

Feel free to share this post via your social media pages so your friends can benefit from this powerful dialogue!

Keep it Moving!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

I was watching television earlier today and heard the phrase “sometimes you just have to keep it moving”! This struck me as rather profound because so many people want to achieve great things in life, but they’re afraid to “keep it moving”.

One of the best attributes of highly successful people is their ability to “keep it moving” after they’ve failed at something. Your partnerships and relationships should be predicated on mutual growth. This simply means that somehow, someway both parties should benefit from the relationship.

So in your life you want to connect with people that are like escalators by always “keeping it moving” and looking to grow and become a better person. No matter who you are or what you have, this principle applies to you!

Nobody wants to stand behind a parked car. If the cars and people you’ve been following are parked, move over into the express lane and “keep it moving”!

Declare that in 2013 your life will not be stagnant this year. Share your thoughts and revelations below to dialogue with others on “keep it moving”.

Welcome to the Empowerment Blog

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Welcome to My Empowerment Blog!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and blog. I worked hard last year with a phenomenal team of coaches and expert professionals to bring out the best in me. This awesome website is just one of the products that emanated from all of our hard work.

My calling and purpose in life is to empower others to achieve an incredible level of success and most importantly happiness. In particular, I’m most known for developing young professionals to maximize their talents on university campuses and in their careers—and I’m 100% committed to becoming the best I can be so I can bring out the best in them!

The purpose of this empowerment blog space is to bring you fresh content that will help you develop yourself and/or others. By reading my blog regularly you will get to know me quite intimately. I’m going to take some time to walk you through my humble journey and growth process while inspiring you. My story is very unique, so unique that the average person can relate because I’ve encountered many challenges.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to respond in a post to these three simple questions:

1) What would you like to see me blog about?

2) How can I be a resource to you?

3) Do you have any other thoughts or comments?

Peace, blessings, success, & happiness throughout 2013!
Dr. Moss

Are You Truly Happy Where You Are In Life?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happeness you get you've got to make yourself.In today’s global and overly connected world, it’s quite easy for us to become bogged down with life issues. Everything moves so fast, yet it moves so slowly. Too often it seems as if we can’t catch a break from anywhere. It seems as if we will never fully reach our destiny or dreams.

This is all because we sometimes tend to chase the wrong things in life. Many people live a backwards life. They believe that if they attain more money, wealth, materials things, “stuff”, and the (wo)man of our dreams everything will be A-Okay!

Well contrary to popular belief and expectations, happiness comes from being happy. You can’t discover it, you can’t find it … you simply have to be happy and grateful in spite of it all.

So tell me, what’s your secret to happiness?

If you aren’t completely happy, what do you think it will take for you to gain true happiness?