Keep it Moving!

I was watching television earlier today and heard the phrase “sometimes you just have to keep it moving”! This struck me as rather profound because so many people want to achieve great things in life, but they’re afraid to “keep it moving”.

One of the best attributes of highly successful people is their ability to “keep it moving” after they’ve failed at something. Your partnerships and relationships should be predicated on mutual growth. This simply means that somehow, someway both parties should benefit from the relationship.

So in your life you want to connect with people that are like escalators by always “keeping it moving” and looking to grow and become a better person. No matter who you are or what you have, this principle applies to you!

Nobody wants to stand behind a parked car. If the cars and people you’ve been following are parked, move over into the express lane and “keep it moving”!

Declare that in 2013 your life will not be stagnant this year. Share your thoughts and revelations below to dialogue with others on “keep it moving”.

2 Responses to “Keep it Moving!”

  1. Chaz Cotton says:

    This is a great post and will never lose profound meaning. I agree that successful people must keep it moving despite the challenges. I have been behind so many parked cars. Today, I declare that I will speed to the express lane. No time to remain in the same spot. Thank you for this timeless post.

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